Why I chose Young Living Essential Oils

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a little about my journey into becoming healthier using Young Living EO’s.

I have been on a journey to get rid of harmful chemicals in our home since I was pregnant with our 3 year old son. I had been using oils for but nothing like Young Living. I kept reading all the ways essential oils could heal and be used in many beauty products. I was making my own cleaners and using coconut oil for everything. Sometimes I had ok results, sometimes I didn’t! I came across Young Living and started researching more and more. I realized I had been at a bed and breakfast about 5 years ago and had received Raindrop therapy on my back. I suffer from sever scoliosis and it helped! I never went back there but have wished it was closer for years. This sparked my interested even more!

I did a lot of research on purity and quality. I spent time comparing YL to several other companies before deciding to go with YLEO. I was pleasantly surprised to find that YL has been around for 20 years and not only owns their own farms here in the US but all over the world. They manage the whole process of oil production – from planting seeds to sealing the bottle.

And the fact that many of their oils have been certified as GRAS – generally regarded as safe for ingestion by the FDA is even sweeter. These oils can be used directly on the skin or ingested – unlike most other brands that are for external use and usually are adulterated with other ingredients.

So when you do your own research for essential oils, ask yourself:

  • Do you know exactly where their oil comes from?
  • Does the company share where the product comes from?
  • How it’s grown?
  • How it’s distilled?
  • Can they go to the company farm and see it for themselves?
  • Does the company harvest and distill with many sample distillations to get the highest amount of therapeutic qualities?
  • Do they know for certain that the oils they buy are safe to ingest? To put on undiluted?
  • Are there ANY toxic warnings that come with their oils?
  • Is there an expiration date?

There are so many ways to use the oils. I find it’s easiest to start using the oils to replace common products in your home – e.g. make your own body lotion or hand soap. Then work your way up to trying the oils for medicinal uses. I use them on my kids, pets, family, and friends. I trust their quality and know they work from my own personal experiences. Young Living also has a line of cleaning products with Thieves oil that’s another great way to get introduced to essential oils without taking the full plunge yet.

And while I am a distributor for Young Living, I promote these oils because I have first-hand experienced how life-changing they are. I’ve been able to replace all my household cleaners and many medications in my medicine cabinet with these oils – and ditch the toxic chemicals for good!

Here are some fabulous videos about Young Living – each is about 4-6 minutes long:

  1. Soil Preparation – the steps that are taken to prepare the soil for the aromatic plants that essential oils are extracted from. http://youtu.be/f6sW7SJqj3s
  1. Growing the Plant – what it takes to grow a plant to produce the finest essential oil with the all of the essential oil constituents. http://youtu.be/N1NGtBA1yKg
  1. The Distillery – the qualities of the Young Livings distillery equipment that helps to maintain the small molecular weight molecules to produce the highest quality essential oils. http://youtu.be/Lw6QiCRnGd4
  1. The Distillery Separator – every plant is distilled slightly different from each other in order to produce the highest quality essential oils. http://youtu.be/Fj1dLxr1MUI
  1. Lab Tests – the different analytical techniques used in determining purity and quality control. Gabriella is proud to certify Young Living Essential oils as pure, authentic and therapeutic. Young Living standard’s are the highest and strongest in the industry.http://youtu.be/yUOvKh6rs2c

I’m learning more and more about essential oils every day. And I look forward to continuing this oily journey with all of you.

Thanks for reading!

Ashley Diette

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