Spring Dog Spray!

Spring Dog Spray – get RID of the itch!

All the wonderful items about to be made into a spray!

All the wonderful items about to be made into a spray!

Is your dog itching like CRAZY? Mine too! I tried giving her a bath, coating her with coconut oil, and using some purification down her spine to help her stay annoyance free outdoors. She still kept on itching! I whipped up this recipe to help calm and soothe her skin and keep her focused on all the fun she can have, instead of the itchiness.


2 ounce glass bottle

Peppermint essential oil

Purification essential oil

Lavender essential oil

Bragg’s apple cider vinegar (we will call it ACV)

1 teaspoon carrier oil (I used almond)

The ACV is great at restoring the ph of the skin and acting as an anti-microbial. I love using this on my own scalp when any itchiness or dandruff is detected. The purification and peppermint oils will be soothing and restorative to her skin and coat. The added bonus is that all outdoor annoyances are ANNOYED by these oils! Lavender essential oil is used to calm skin and is my go to for ALL things son related (on my dog and myself!).



Fill spray bottle 1/2 way with ACV

Add teaspoon carrier pol

Add 3 drops peppermint essential oil

Add 8 drops purification essential oil

Add 8 drops lavender essential oil

Fill to the top with water


Spray your dog

See lots of tail wagging!

This recipe would be great for humans too! Also, please know I am referring to Young Living Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils ONLY. No other brand can be substituted or used safely on your furry friend!

finsihed spray

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