Lube :)

A lubricant can be a necessary ingredient in a couples’ intimate relationship, so why not make it FUN and HEALTHY, too?!!? To start with, most lubricants you buy will be full of unwanted, nasty chemicals that can disrupt our natural pH levels. This can contribute to yeast overgrowth and other health problems. With multiple uses, these chemicals can be very damaging to our health. By itself, coconut oil makes a fantastic lubricant that works great* and is all-natural. But if you want to SPICE things up and try something new, mix up this concoction:

1oz coconut oil

5 drops Sensation oil

2 drops Black Pepper oil

2 drops Peppermint oil

Store it in a glass jar or dropper bottle (fractionated coconut oil works great for this) so that it’s ready when you are! Use as needed and ENJOY!
*Be aware that coconut oil should not be used with condoms as it will compromise the integrity of the latex.


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