Amazing Peppermint & Cacao Creamer!

This creamer is rich, delicious, decadent tasting, AND it is dairy-free! Yeah, that is pretty incredible! The power of peppermint essential oil helps soothe the digestive track, increase the ability to focus, and is a wonderful way to support healthy bowel function on a daily basis. The ingredients are ALL high quality and clean.

peppermintcreamer finalcupcreamer ingredientspeppermintcreamer


1 can coconut milk (do not get the low fat kind)

2-3 cups coconut milk (in a carton – the think kind you can drink)

14 drops peppermint essential oil

3 tablespoons raw cacao power

OPTIONAL (but makes it OH so much more delicious)

3 tablespoons coconut sugar

2 tablespoons cacao nibs (they are bitter but give an incredible flavor


Open can of coconut milk and dumb into blender or food processor (if you are using a Vitamix everything will be pulverized regardless of ingredient order). Add 2 cups of coconut milk from your carton. Add cacao powder, sugar, nibs, and essential oil. Blend for 2 minutes or until frothy. I added an additional half cup of coconut milk but it is your discretion depending on desired texture of the creamer.

I use old kombucha bottles and this recipe almost made 2 full ones. I like to keep one and share the other 2 with friends!


Warning: this may make you a coffee drinker!! I also love it in my dirty chai tea ; )

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